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Pressure Washing

RamirezNS pressure and professional washing will ensure that a house or commercial building is clean and protected from damage caused by dust, dirt, silt, sand and corrosive chemicals. A complete cleaning of the roof will eliminate algae, mold, moss and mold, protecting your home or business from possible roof leaks and the resulting water damage. The gentle washing of windows, gutters, vehicle entrances, sidewalks and parking lots will also keep those surfaces looking the best while protecting them from damage and wear. If you have not experienced a gentle wash before, prepare to be impressed. It is more effective and faster than the standard high pressure wash you will normally find.

Moss & Algae Prevention

Unsightly black stripes, moss lichens on the roof? Do you think a simple wash can take them off? Incorrect. These pests live on your roof, for free, and are there to stay unless you do something about it. RamirezNS offers a roof treatment process that kills the organisms on your roof without causing damage to the shingles that protect your home and your investment. RamirezNS offers a service guarantee.

Exterior Painting

Does your home or business need some life back? A new coat of paint can take an old and stale-looking building and completely rejuvenate its appeal, making you fall in love again. When it comes to painting interiors and exteriors of houses, the professional name that residents have come to know and that they trust is RamirezNS. Our team can take even the most worn exterior and revive it with a new layer of high quality exterior paint, applied with professional tools and experienced techniques to ensure a quality finish at all times.

Pressure Washing

Professional moss and algae removal. All done while still caring for the overall integrity of your roof!

Roof Moss & Algae Removal
Our crews safety always comes first!

Roof Treatment

An ounce of prevention is all you need. After a through cleaning of your roof, we’ll lay down a moss and algae preventative to keep your roof looking great for months.

Moss & Algae Prevention!


Preserve your investment by painting the exterior of your home.

Exterior Painting Primer and Topcoat!

Let’s fix something together.

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